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Introgressiomics: a new paradigm for adaptation to climate change
19 April 2017 12:00


Adaptation to climate change is a formidable challenge for breeders


- Crop wild relatives (CWRs) represent a source of variation for breeding to stressful conditions

- Introgressiomics is a new approach aimed at the mass scale development of multiple crop materials carrying introgressions from CWR

- Introgressiomics requires exploration of genetic diversity and successful interspecific hybridization

- The use of genomics tools is essential for developing collections of pre-bred materials with multiple introgressions

- Introgressiomics makes available to breeders a dramatically enlarged genepool to address climate change challenges

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Lecturer: Jaime Prohens (EUCARPIA)

COMAV Director.




Organised by UPV



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