European Breeding Plant College

Agro-biodiversity of Turkey
05 October 2016 12:30


  • The concept of biological diversity:

Genetic diversity, species diversity, and ecological diversity will be explained, samples will be given on process diversity

the subunit agricultural biodiversity will be explained and its difference from genetic resources will be outlined

  • Two Vavilovian centers:

Mediterranean and Near East gen centers which overlap in Anatolia will be discussed

Emphasize will be given to the Fertile Crescent

  • An old tool for new ideas:

The importance of biological diversity will be outlined

  • Utilization of the wild:

Samples will be given on uses of biological diversity

Possible uses in agriculture will be discussed

  • An assurance for the future:

Conservation and utilization strategies of biodiversity will be discussed

The importance of sustainability will be outlined



Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Eftal Düzyaman

Lecturer and researcher Ege University, Faculty of Agriculture, Izmir, Turkey, assistant professor, since 2005




Organised by Ege U


Thanks to all the participants.





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