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The Master Theses Mobility aimed at providing EPBC students with expertise from EPBC partner universities. 15 EPBC students have spent at least 1 month at an EPBC partner institution in the framework of their Master thesis.The students were sponsored by EPBC grants with the help of Erasmus+ funding.

The Master thesis was co-supervised by the host institution.

In the file below you will find all the Master thesis topics that have been identified at the beginning of the project.


Attached files :
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During the Master Thesis Mobility,15 students from the five partners Universities took part in a formative and interesting experience that gave them the possibility to challenge themselves and to improve their Master Theses.

Different country, new learning experience, new skills equipment and network-making with students: these were the added value of the EPBC Master Theses Mobility that none other experience could give.

Below you can find the list of  participants and their Master Theses topics:


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emPLANT is a two year Master Programme of Excellence in the field of plant breeding and is composed ...


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