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Application deadline 15 May 2016
15 May 2016 12:00

Come to France and participate in the Pilot Case 2016/2017 to work on a Plant Breeding Case Study to train your project management skills! See also more information about the Intensive Study Programme at LaSalle Beauvais here.

Contact the coordinator at your home university and apply by 15 May 2016.





October 10-20, 2016


October 10-12 ISP with Jacky Renart and Christopher Townley (ESSEC)

  • Basics in Project Management and workshop for adaptation to Plant Breeding project.
    • October 10 Basics - Jacky Renart (Point Exe – CNAM)
    • October 11 Tools  - Christopher Townley (ESSEC)
    • October 12 Particularities of Plant Breeding – Peter Cox (PhenoGenoRoses)

October 13-14 ISP

  • Plant variety control and seed quality management : the GEVES experience (including a visit at SNES and GEVES station in Angers) 13-14 October

October 17-18 ISP

  • Intellectual Property management : the UPOV contribution

October 19-20 ISP

  • Workshop on Pilot Case - Jacky Renart, Christopher Towney, Peter Cox – correspondants for EPBC
  • Summary of ISP contributions  (Project management, Variety and seed quality control, IP)
  • Constitution of groups for PILOT CASE


No upcoming events


The oral presentation was carried out by Skype  February 1st.

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