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Variety listing in France : GEVES
09 May 2017 10:00

In this Online Course, the lecturer analyses 3 main points :

  • French group for the study and control of varieties and seeds (GEVES ) :
    • Presentation of the institution
    • Functions of the GEVES
    • Technical Committee for Plant Breeding (CTPS) : the process of registering a variety in the French Catalogue
  • Listing, a unique system in Europe with two assessments
    • DUS: Distinction, Uniformity & Stability
    • VCUS: Value for Cultivation, Use and Sustainability, in order to ensure that new varieties will bring an improvement to the market
    • Wheat case, quality for bread production
    • Comparison with other European countries
  • Rapeseed DUS field trials

To access the online course click HERE.

Lecturer: Fabien MASSON

Organised by UniLaSalle




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