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ISP SLU: Resistance Mechanisms
06 February 2017 09:00

Intensive programme in Uppsala
Resistance mechanisms

Monday 6th of February
11.00 Meeting at Uppsala City Hostel
13.15-14.00 Introduction to SLU, Ultuna, BioCenter, Room C216
14.15-15.00 Lecture: Defence mechanisms of plants; Daniel Hofius, SLU; Room C216
15.15-16.00 Introduction (cont.), Room C216

Tuesday 7th of February
09.15-10.00 Introductory to molecular genetics; Anders Kvarnheden, SLU; Room C216
10.15-12.00 Infection by viruses; Anders Kvarnheden, SLU; Room C216
13.15-15.00 Practical exercise: Inoculation of tobacco plants with tobacco mosaic virus; BÖL Lab 1

Wednesday 8th of February
09.15-11.00 Lecture: Transgenic resistance to pathogens; Anders Kvarnheden, SLU; U-hus, Room L
13.15-15.00 Lecture: Defence to viruses by gene silencing; Jari Valkonen, University of Helsinki; U-hus, Room L

Thursday 9th of February
09.15-16.00 Computer lab: DNA sequence analyses; Library Computer Room 1
Friday 10th of February

09.15-11.00 Lecture: Biological control of plant diseases; Johan Meijer, SLU; VHC, Room Audhumbla

13.15-15.00 Lecture: Gene-for-gene interaction: molecular recognition; Jari Valkonen, University of Helsinki; VHC, Room Audhumbla

Saturday 11th of February
13.00- Excursion to Old Uppsala

Monday 13th of February
13.15-16.00 Introduction to the lab exercise “Induction of systemic acquired resistance by pathogens” (virus detection by DAS-ELISA and monitoring of PR1a gene expression by realtime-RT-PCR in tobacco plants inoculated with tobacco mosaic virus)

Tuesday 14th of February
10.00-12.00 Guided tour of Tropical Greenhouse of Uppsala University Botanical Garden
13.15-17.00 Sampling and RNA extraction; BÖL Lab 1

Wednesday 15th of February
09.15-16.00 RNA extraction (cont.), reverse transcription and DAS-ELISA; BÖL Lab 1
19.00- Course dinner

Thursday 16th of February
09.15-16.00 DAS-ELISA (cont.) and realtime-PCR; BÖL Lab 1

Friday 17th of February
09.15-12.00 Analyses of results, discussion, evaluation; BÖL Lab 1
13.15-15.00 Analyses of results, discussion, evaluation (cont.); Library Computer Room 1


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