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09 October 2016 09:00



OCTOBER 10th - 20th  2016


Fundamental Issues (Day 1) 10/10/16 Christopher TOWNLEY


Team choice

Defining a project

A historical perspective of project management

Current issues in project management

Choosing the indicators

Structures and frameworks


Project Definition and tools, Pilot case examples: (Day 2) 11/10/16 Jacky RENART

Pilot case studies and discussion to illustrate project management tools :

  • The project process
  • Project planning
  • Work breakdown structure or (WBS)
  • Functional breakdown
  • Physical breakdown
  • Milestones and deadlines
  • Quality, cost and time
  • Time, activity and resource planning


Day 3: Pilot Case (Breeders point of view, P. Cox; G. Haesert)


Day 4 & 5: Visit to GEVES: Groupe d'Etude et de contrôle des Variétés Et des Semences

  • Control of new varieties
  • Control of seed quality
  • Labs visit


Day 6

Morning: Work on Pilot case by groups


Afternoon: UPOV: Ben Rivoire Intellectual property


Day 7

Morning GNIS: Axel Olivier

What has a plant breeder to know about production?
A breeder focuses on variety performance, a good breeder  also considers production issues; first because he has to multiply his own lines, but most of all because the best genetic may be dropped if it does not respond to production requirements. It is all a matter of chain, a team matter, let's discover seed production with this lecture.
Afternoon: Work on Pilot case by groups


Project Management Advanced Issues and Plant Breeding project Workshop (Day 8) 19/10/16 Christopher TOWNLEY

From tools to animation:

  • Plan analysis and risk management:
  • The impacts on Project organization, structures and teams
  • Structural and cultural implications:
  • Project Control:
  • Problem solving and decision-making:


Day 9: Pilot case: work in groups with universities supervisors


Day 10: Multiplier event

  • Finished Pilot Case presentation
  • 2-3 Pilot cases from the students groups
  • Round table: What is the required skills and knowledge for a future breeder.
  • Speed dating with breeders present for the journey.



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